Social Services

Social Services at Life Options is designed to be a one-on-one experience where the social service worker meets with the client to determine his/her personal needs and objectives to a better life. Listed below are social service needs that have been addressed by Life Options:

1. Arrange dental appointments and payments to purchase new teeth.
2. Working with the Food Stamp office to increase funds to reflect change of living conditions.
3. Accompanying client to Social Security office to advocate for an increase in beneficiary funds.
4. Home visits to clients to ensure that living conditions meet acceptable standards.
5. Arrange home delivery of medications for the elderly and disabled
6. Applying for medical insurance and insurance supplements for the under insured.
7. Contacting local landlords and housing services to obtain client housing and advocating for better rates.
9. Contacting home health agencies and medical equipment companies to ensure proper delivery of services.
10. Arranging and advocating for utility assistance programs
11. Advocating for better group rates with phone and other communication providers.
12. Providing guardian and conservator services for those in need.
13. Arrange hospitalization for rehabilitation needs.
14. Coordinates, with other agencies, educational services with possible introduction or reintroduction to job/career placement.

Upon introduction to Life Options services, the social service worker identifies areas of need with the client and along with client input, determines a service plan to meet client goals. During the course of the plan, worker will meet with client to determine level of goal achievement and ways to overcome any obstacles along the way. Upon goal achievement, both client and worker celebrate a better way of life. Life Options’ goal is a Better Way of Life, not only for an individual’s finances but for the whole person.