Life Options provides an on-site sundry store for its clients as well as others in the community. The sundry maintains all the groceries that you would need to stock your pantry and refrigerator. And if you need clothing, come by the sundry for a full selection of men’s, women’s and even children’s clothes and toys. From time to time, the sundry may have furniture such as beds and bedding items, chairs, televisions, and other items for your home.

When coming to the store, clients do not need to bring cash as all items may be able to be debited directly from client funds. However cash is always accepted. The sundry is in the process of accepting EBT.

The philosophy of Life Options sundry is that clothing, food, and other sustenance items are more valued when paid for rather than provided for without debt. This philosophy is derived from the Economic Theory of Value: “When a consumer is willing to buy a good, it implies that the consumer is willing to place a higher value on the good, the function of the price paid is relative to an offerings perceived worth”.

The sundry offers its items for a minimal charge. For example, a man’s shirt may cost only a dollar or a child’s toy 50 cents. Food prices are provided at cost + a 5% markup. The sundry will provide items at no charge for individuals and families who are homeless or without funds.

The sundry does accept donations as well as food and clothing items from area stores in order to maintain this level of service to its clients and the community.

Excerpted from Wikipedia